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This is a VERY detailed look into Gaara's life and the details surrounding it!




  • Name: Gaara
  • Age: 12 years (Part I), 15 years (Part II)
  • Height: 4'10"/146.1 cm (Part I)
  • Family: Temari(Older Sister) Kankuro(Older Brother)
  • Weight: 86 lb/39 kg (Part I)
  • Features:Red hair/green eyes
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Birthdate: January 19


  • Ninja Registration ID: 56-001
  • Affiliation: Sunagakure (Village of the Hidden Sand)
  • Rank: Genin (Part I), Kazekage (Part II)
  • Team: Team Baki: Gaara, Temari, Kankurou


  • Graduated at: 12
  • Chuunin Exam Completion Age: Unknown
  • Became Kazekage at: Presumably between 12-15.


  • Favorite Foods: Ground liver, salted tongue
  • Least Favorite Foods: Sweet bean jelly, marron glace

First Appearances

  • Manga: Chapter 35
  • Anime: Episode 20

Height - Okay, I need to poke fun at this, just because I love you, Gaara. If there was ever an 'evil midget', it was Gaara. He is short. He's still short in comparison three years later too, haha. It really detracts from his "OMG EVIL" aura once you notice it.

Also, it should be noted that the older timeskip Gaara is shorter than Naruto. It's not a big difference right.......on the contrary, it's pretty damn significant. More room to laugh at Gaara, haha.

Background: Born as an experiment from the Hidden Village of Sand, Gaara was combined with the spirit of a demonic sand priest known as Shukaku, not unlike Naruto and the Nine Tails. Gaara grew up without knowing love or friendship of any kind. Unfortunately, Gaara became unstable around the age of six years. Consequently, his father, Kazakage, ordered numerous assassination attempts upon him, all failing miserably. This betrayal caused Gaara to become hateful and deeply suspicious of everyone, including his siblings, who he regards as "lumps of meat linked together by hatred and murderous intent."

Ever since the incident, Gaara 'tattooed' the kanji 'love' on his forehead and swore to love only himself and sought to feel his existence by killing others. He was sent along with Temari(older sister) and Kankurou(older brother) on an A-rank mission. Seemingly to take part in the Chuunin exams in Konoha, Gaara transforming into the demon Shukaku was actually the Sand's trump card in their plan with the Hidden Village of Sound to destroy Konoha. However, he was defeated by Naruto and escaped back to the Sand Village with Temari and Kankuro.

Gaara's name means "Demon who cares for himself" and the tattoo on Gaara's forehead means "love", which combined with his name means, "I Love Death." Since he only feels alive when he kills, he believes that killing is his reason for being.

Gaara's fighting style:Gaara has one of the most peculiar and unique, yet powerful, fighting styles amongst the many characters of Naruto. It all revolves around his mysterious gourd, which posses magical powers. Using a great amount of NinJutsus, few GenJutsus, and almost no TaiJutsus at all, Gaara is a shinobi that could probably beat all Gennin's most Chuunin's and even a few Jounin's. Fortunately for Gaara, his gourd does almost all the work for him, aiding him drastically both in offense and defense. Being originated in the hidden sand village, most of Gaara's techniques are a combination of Chakra and sand, aiming to suffocating the opponent using large force, sifting the sand into there body draining them of all fluids, or depositing sand into them and then rapidly expanding it to erupt there body into small chunks. As for his defense, the sand in Gaara's gourd moves at lightning quick speed and blocks almost all incoming attacks, creating an extremely strong barrier. Obviously , his power lies inside that mysterious sand gourd... in the lines to follow, I explain the attributes of this "weapon" of Gaara's.

Sand Gourd:This is the ultimate source of Gaara's strength and techniques. It is said that, when Gaara was born, he was cursed with Shukaku, the sand demon. In order to stop that curse from taking complete control of his body, a special sealing Jutsu was made on Gaara, sealing his mother inside the gourd, along with Shukaku, and thus giving Gaara both their powers. This is also the reasons why at some points Gaara calls the gourd "mother". The gourd is also one of the causes to Gaara's huge hate and love of death, beacause his mother's death caused so much pain to his childhood, it left him with a lifelong trauma. However, now that he has learnt to manipulate the powers of the gourd, he is an extremely strong shinobi.The gourd's sand is the source of all of Gaara's techniques, but there is one catch; Gaara must use his chakra to hold the sand, as well as for manipulation. Among his many techniques, Gaara can create bunshins (clones) from sand, shurikens, and even command it so it wraps up around the enemy, and then suffocates him/her to death. However, the most powerful and fascinating aspect of the gourd and its sand, is the trigger of Gaara's defenses. There are basically two types of defensive techniques Gaara uses; the Sand Armor, and the Sand Shield, both of which i will describe in the Paragraphs to follow.

Shield of Sand:Using the sand in the gourd that he carries around on his back, Gaara's first and mostly used defense system consists of a thick mass of sand moving swiftly to the point that is being attacked. What is extremely mysterious about this defense is that Gaara doesn't control it; it functions automatically, protecting Gaara with extreme precision quite possibly because of his mothers spirit being trapped in it, her maternal instincs have ben inbeded into the sand and thus will protect him no matter what would he faces. This first layer of armory is almost impossible to penetrate, mainly because the sand moves at the blink of an eye, covering Gaara from 360 degrees and isnt effected by heat, cold, pressure, or moisture. As a result, any weapons thrown at Gaara, along with long range NinJutsus , and most TaiJutsu , are all proven useless against his almost flawless defense. Frankly, the only real opening in the gourd's sand shield is by overcoming the sand's speed, leaving it unable to block the attack in time. A really fast TaiJutsu attack, or a NinJutsu with large amounts of Chakra and high speed (such as Chidori) would definitely be the Sand Shield's worst enemy. A high level GenJutsu would also most definitely work, since the sand can't block many spiritual attacks but because the sand can detect any danger that could befall Gaara within almost 1/2 mile and will act accordingly, even that has very little chance of sucess.

Armor of Sand:This is Gaara's most seldomly used and last line of defenses; the Sand Armor. It is used rarely mainly because the Shield of Sand is penetrated only in few instances. The Armor of Sand is there only as a last resort defense, but it has its reasons. First, it is not nearly as strong as the shield of sand is, making it considerably easier to be penetrated. Because it only includes a thin layer of sand kept closely packed together by chakra, the armor of sand also consumes big amounts of chakra, meaning that Gaara can't hold it together for a very long time. If he does, he may waste a large amount of his chakra. However, as told before, this technique is seldomly used, and even if it is used, it will most likely completely demolish the attack, causing absolutely no damage to Gaara. As a result, until his battle with Rock Lee, Gaara had never been injured before especialy do to how fast the armor of sand can repair itself after every injury.

This wraps up the defense, but what about Gaara's offensive techniques? For his part, this Sand Shinobi uses mostly Sand NinJutsu, and he has many tricks up his sleeve. Even though his NinJutsu skills are extremely strong, Gaara rarely even uses TaiJutsu. In fact, in most battles Gaara doesn't even bother to move; the sand does all the movement for him. Finally, in terms of GenJutsu, Gaara hasn't showed any specific skill in that area, since he has never used a GenJutsu in a battle. Now, to his NinJutsus; Gaara mostly uses two combining sand techniques, Desert Funeral, and Desert Coffin. I explain both of them in detail in the lines to follow.

Desert Coffin:One of Gaara's most commonly used skills, Desert Coffin does just what it stands for; it creates a mass of sand which engulfs the opponent or a part of him, such as a leg or arm. The main purpose of this technique is to immobilize the enemy, possibly creating an opening for another attack. However, since Gaara prefers slowly torturing his enemies rather than taking it seriously, he will most likely use his chakra to contract the sand quickly together, leaving his enemy to suffocate and gasp before finaly tearing them limb from limb. This technique doesn't use a whole lot of Chakra, and interestingly, it only uses one hand seal, and that is to gather the Chakra in the sand. This attack can definitely prove deadly, and if anyone is caught into it, the results will most likely be very serious injuries or death.

Desert Funeral or "Desert Graveyard":This technique is Gaara's alternative to the Desert Coffin. Using Chakra to manipulate sand once again, Gaara creates a big mass of sand that covers the entire enemy's body. This technique can be used on top of Desert Coffin, since the enemy will be unable to move. Once on the enemy, Gaara will use his chakra to have the sand compact closely together, smashing the enemy's body into pieces. Some times, Gaara will also use his energy to levitate the opponent into the air, and then smash him up, creating a big rain of blood. This technique is believed to use more Chakra than Desert Coffin, since more Chakra is needed to contract the sand together and smash the opponent. Both in this attack and Desert Coffin, the sand moves at extremely fast speeds, so it is really hard to dodge, unless fighting against a TaiJutsu user. However, either way, Gaara's offense is just as good as his defense.

Gaara's Demon "Shukaku":Other then Gaara's Desert Coffin and Desert Funeral, Gaara also has another powerful technique.The answer to this powerful technique lies hidden in a demon similar to Kyuubi, which lies deep inside Gaara. When Gaara is desperate for victory, that sand demon, Shukaku, comes out, taking over Gaara's body and killing uncontrollably. Its power may be greater than Kyuubi's seeing as it was sealed inside of Gaara when he was born, as mentioned above. Shukaku's powers are enormous; however, theres a catch for him to be released. Gaara, or the medium, needs to be sleeping. This means that Shukaku can either be brought to life by himself, fighting against Gaara, or by Gaara's will. Gaara can use the "Spell of Fake Sleep", putting himself to sleep, and releasing Shukaku.

Shukaku has many techniques of his own, such as Desert Sphere, which creates huge balls made of Chakra and sand. Normally, Shukaku appears as a huge racoon looking beast, and is about the size of four story building. Once he is out, Shukaku is pretty much independent, although he always has Gaara attached to part of him, sleeping waist-high in sand. Besides just being totally released, Gaara can partially release Shukaku, growing parts of his body using his sand to shape it. For example, Gaara can choose to get Shukaku's huge arms, and use them to punch with a lot of force or choose to get Shukaku's head and eyes so he can process information faster and see in the dark. What he most usually uses though, is Shukaku's Chakra, the source of Gaara's powers. Combining the magical powers of his gourd, the demon inside him, and his relentless urge to kill everything around him, Gaara is definitely the most powerful ninja in Naruto.