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Lots of random facts about Gaara.

Fun facts

Random stuff about gaara

  • It is never explained why Gaara lacks eyebrows. Some think it makes him look creepy, and while I agree to extent, you kinda get used to it. He's cool enough without them anyway.
  • Gaara's team finished the second Chuunin Exam in 91 minutes--the fastest recorded time ever.
  • Gaara's motto is "ji ai" translated it means 'love myself'.
  • Gaara seems to love standing, Standing with his arms crossed. He probably thinks it makes him look badass, which it does.
  • And no fools, that stuff around his eyes is not eyeliner.


The Japanese have this thing called ketsuekigata, where it is said that one's personality can be determined by what kind of blood he or she has. Let's take a look at Gaara's blood type, type AB, and see how well it matches up to him.


This blood type analysis was taken from

Social, Easy-going, Sympathetic, Diplomatic, Outgoing, Laid-back, Creative, Unpredictable, Artistic, Flexible, Moody and Brooding.

Blend of opposites. Shy with some boldness. Introvert and Extrovert. Unpredictable and may seem to have calm exterior. Strong creative strain. Good at spotting problems and starting them. Likes city environment. Gets bored easily. Everything they do is compelling. Never takes things for granted. Appears mysterious. Contributes harmoniously to society.

Dislikes to touch or be touched by others


An analysis of Gaara's name.

Kanji and Meaning

The image above depicts the three kanji of Gaara's name, the kana translation below ("ga a ra"), the phrase Gaara's name is sourced from, and the romaji version of the same phrase.

The phrase Gaara's name is a pun on, "Ware wo aisuru shura", means "I am a self-loving carnage". This name was given to Gaara by his mother, who wished not out of love but spite that her son might live on to torment the village that had caused her death.

Read alone, the kanji say "Ware ai shura". "I love carnage", translated literally, or "I love death". This sums up the character of Gaara and the last curses of his mother.

Gaara doesn't have a last name, nor do any of his siblings or family (which is kind of weird, considering how important he is in the series). However, he does address himself as 'Sabaku no Gaara', the kanji for 'sabaku' meaning 'sand waterfall'. However, 'sabaku' does also mean 'desert', thus resulting in the more common title "Gaara of the Desert". In one of Gaara's flashbacks from the anime, the kids that run from him call him "Suna no Gaara", or "Gaara of the Sand".